Relaxing Moments: Light & Color

We experience the beautiful colors created by light every moment in our daily life. The beautiful colors of the scenery created by the sunrise at dawn or the sunset in the evening make us admire those moments. Light is a physical concept, and colors are a psychological realm. The scientific fact that White light contains colors became known to the world through Newton's experiments with the optical spectrum. Meanwhile, the study of the psychological perception of how we humans respond to color goes back to Goethe's work. The relationship between color and psychology has been studied for a very long time, but there are still many aspects that need to be scientifically verified.

For a long time, my research interests have been on how to objectively and scientifically use colors to express emotional mood and affective suitable for narrative video. I was curious about the physical properties and correlations of colors suitable for moods and emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, and pleasure. I also wanted to have an objective guideline and use it logically and efficiently. Several years ago, these studies yielded significant results.

In particular, I defined emotional colors related to healing and scientifically analyzed the colors' characteristics. Moreover, I created a color spectrum based on the research results. The research results are also applied to my on-going productions of video, media art, photography, and digital graphic works to discover how emotional colors communicate with the audience.

Through this series of artworks, I aim to share images that help from peace of mind and restfulness to the audience. In this series, I applied the emotional colors defined based on my color spectrum research on relaxation. In other words, my artworks use emotional colors related to relaxation to induce stability and peace of mind. Color is a structural element of the artwork and is a pivotal tool to express the feeling and mood of the artwork. Especially in this work, I tried to express human emotions through the colors of objects and the colors of our minds that we feel in nature with bright sunlight.